Remembering an amazing man,
Primetime founder- Bill Sherertz

“Winning is not a sometimes thing; it’s an all time thing. You don’t win once in a while, you don’t do things right once in a while, you do them right all the time. Winning is a habit. Unfortunately, so is losing.”
Vince Lombardi

Bill Sherertz and Vince Lombardi had a lot in common. Winning came naturally to both of them and losing tasted like poison on their lips. It was obvious early in Bills life that he had strong leadership skills, as he was a standout athlete in high school, looked up to by many of his peers. Growing up in the Oregon coastal town of Bandon, you learned to be tough early in life, and you didn’t walk away from a fight. Bill hated to lose more than anything. Recounting some of his defeats on the football and baseball fields Bill would grit his teeth, scrunch his eyes and growl, the bitterness of defeat though decades old, still unsavory and foul in his throat, a jagged pill impossible to swallow. Bill didn’t “hope” that he could beat you, he WOULD beat you. One way or another, fighting scratching clawing, bloody knuckles, sweat soaked shirt and all, he WOULD beat you. On the baseball diamond. In the boat catching fish. In his hot road “Moonshine.” On the golf course making birdies. In the wild shooting big game. At the table playing cards. In the office growing his business. Whatever the venue or the stage, the outcome was virtually cast in stone before the challenge was under way.

To say that winning was easy for him, would be doing a disservice to Bill and the amount of work and intense studying and preparation that he put in. “Bigger is not better…Better is better”, one of Bill’s favorite quotes from business legend Warren Buffett. Bill would apply that quote to sports as well, reveling in the fact that on the baseball diamond more than any other major sport, size didn’t matter. Your ability to work smarter, prepare more than the “other guy”, gain an edge by studying the opposing pitchers habits, the best hitters bad tendencies, or an umpires penchant for calling the outside strike 6 inches off the black. “If you get that pitch called, why would you ever throw the ball over the plate, that’s just plain stupid.” Bill Sherertz

“There are a million guys out there more talented than me. But nobody, NOBODY will outwork me, or outthink me. EVER. I have the heart and the desire to be the best, and only I can stop me.” Bill Sherertz

And so it was with an incredible amount of shock that the world learned on January 20th, 2011 that despite Bill’s larger than life, comic-book-like existence, his incredible journey on this planet was over. God needed another good leader in heaven and someone to grind out some victories over the bad guys.

His vision for Primetime when he created it, was to put together a program that taught the fundamentals of the game the right way. To provide an opportunity for the right type of kid, the kid that wasn’t afraid of working harder then he’d ever worked before. The kid who wanted to increase his baseball “IQ” and understand the finer points of the game. The beauty of the game. The kid that would be proud of a skinned up knee and a bruise on his back complete with the “stitches” of the baseball. Bill was that kid.

#34 will live on in our hearts forever!